About the process

If there’s an item that interests you, wether it is a design we own or one you have, you would have to contact us through an e-mail or WhatsApp Once we have discussed the design you would be provided an estimated cost for the item, it’s needed to clarify that it would be an estimate, the cost could go up or down depending on the final weight and complexity of the item. If an agreement is met you would then have to deposit 50% of the estimated cost to a bank account we would provide you. Throughout the manufacture process you would be provided with updates in the form of pictures as we make your desired item and we would be in continiuos contact through WhatsApp. The purpose of the pictures is to make sure that you’re satisfied with the progress and/or to make any changes you would like, thus ensuring that the final product is everything you expected.
Once you confirm that you’re satisfied with the final product then you would need to make the final deposit based on the final cost before we send your finished item. It is very important to clarify that you cannot return the item once it is sent, we will provide you with any additional information or pictures you may need to be completely sure that you’re satisfied with the final product.

As stated during the “how we work” section, you would be provided with constant update pictures as we make your desired ítem. We can send you daily pictures should you require so.

Yes. We will send you an authenticity certificate from a laboratory stating that the material used is silver sterling 925.

About payment

We work with wire transfers and also though DHL. You would be given the account information needed to make a deposit.

The arrival time depends on where you’re from, it can take from one week up to three.